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This is an natural composite of moss by high quality water directly from Chile South America. This moss can used in occidental Orchids plantations, wild plants, air baskets and hybrid plats. It also prevents earth dryness due to its ability to preserve the water and fertilizing levels.

We offer this moss on 5 stars quality premium fibered. 5 Kilos and 150Gr. Compressed bale.

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Specifications of Sphagnum Moss

PH 4,8
- Humidity ratio +/- 20%
- Foreign matter ratio > 5%
These specifications allows:
To retain up to 20 times its own weight of water and redistribute this water to roots according to their own requirements.
Simultaneously, to provide an optimum oxygenation to the plant.

Premium fibered Sphagnum Moss

Bags of 5 Kilos Selection and cleaned



    The moss it self dries in natural form



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